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Reefer MAX S-1000 G2+



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The Red Sea Reefer Max S-1000 G2+ is a comprehensive marine tank set that includes a range of equipment, making it a cost-effective and convenient choice for both new and experienced reef-keepers. Here are the standout features and specifications of this impressive system:


Tank Dimensions:

  • The system boasts a large marine tank measuring 210 x 68 x 65 cm, with a total system height of 153 cm, ideal for creating a stunning marine display.


Water Volume:

  • Significant water volume capacity with a total system water volume of 1000 litres, including a display tank water volume of 795 litres and an in-cabinet sump water volume of 205 litres, allows for a diverse range of marine life.


Glass Quality:

  • Constructed with ultra-clear glass to ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience.



  • Includes a beautiful and robust marine-spec cabinet, available in 2 colours, made from durable materials and fitted with marine-spec aluminium and hidden adjustable feet, providing a stable base for the aquarium.


Water Management:

  • Advanced water management systems maintain optimal conditions for reef life, featuring dual side-facing return pump outlets and a large overflow box for effective water circulation.


Control Panel:

  • Slide-out control panel offers convenient access to system controls and equipment.


Sump Design:

  • The professional sump includes a removable mechanical filtration media compartment (with micron filters and filter cups), an adjustable height skimmer chamber for optimal skimmer performance, and a bubble trap to prevent air bubbles from returning to the aquarium. It is also ReefMat-ready, allowing for a quick Plug & Play installation of the ReefMat 1200.


Adjustable Feet:

  • Hidden adjustable feet ensure perfect leveling on any surface.


Dual Return Pump Outlets:

  • Dual side-facing return pump outlets ensure optimal water circulation and increased surface skimming.


Silent Downflow System:

  • Designed for quiet operation, minimizing disturbance.


ReefATO+ System:

  • Equipped with the revolutionary ReefATO+ system, which automatically tops up evaporated water, keeping salinity and water levels stable. It also includes an accurate temperature monitor and a highly sensitive leak detector.



  • The system includes 4 ReefLED 160 lighting units with a total of 640W, providing optimal coral growth and boosting coloration. The ReefLED includes a single optical-glass, hollow lens that ensures uniform light distribution, resulting in vibrant coral coloration and a gentle shimmer throughout the aquarium. Manage your lighting with ease using the ReefBeat® App, which offers features like random cloud simulations, acclimation settings for new installations, and a lunar cycle mode for moonlights.


Additional Information:

  • The system includes 2 ReefWave45 wave pumps that provide a cross-flow throughout your tank, distributing water evenly, and 2 ReefRun 7000 energy-efficient pumps that can be set to a daily schedule through the ReefBeat app. It also comes with a Reef Skimmer 900 protein skimmer that helps to keep your tank clean by collecting organic waste, and a Slide-Out Control Panel 60 that holds all your dosers and controllers, keeping them organized and close by. All systems come with extended warranty plans and are available in various sizes to fit any space.

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