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Modern Reef 4x 2.5L Canisters Set (Base KH1, Base KH2, Base CAL, Base MAG)



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This set contains all essential trace elements found in natural seawater, organic and inorganic micronutrients, and amino acids in one set of 4 canisters!

All you need to maintain a thriving and colorful modern reef aquarium with a unique proportional consumption formula created and used by Akil from Euro Corals to breed and produce spectacular corals.

Modern Reef – Reef Keeping System is the base of our proportional consumption reef-keeping system with Complete Reef Food and Polypop and provides your reef with all it needs to thrive and color up by proportion of consumption of KH (carbonate hardness) and Ca (calcium).


  • Enhances challenging pigments, especially yellow and orange.
  • Enhances red, pink, blue, and purple pigments, especially in Acropora corals.
  • Stimulates non-fluorescent chromoproteins for better pigmentation.
  • Designed for blue side spectrum light reef aquariums for better fluorescent proteins or reflective pigments excitation and stimulation.
  • Improves growth rate with Complete Reef Food and correct white side spectrum light.
  • Improves water clarity by enhancing sponges and sea squirts propagation.
  • Eliminates constant testing for magnesium and calcium, only KH is needed.
  • No need for additional products like amino acids or mixed trace elements.
  • Dosed by calculation to avoid overdose or unnecessary accumulations.
  • Free of Nitrates (NO3) or Phosphates (PO4).
  • Adapts to any aquarium setup and nutrient export method.


  • 10ml x 100 liters will raise 2dKH.


  • Ready to use in 4-equal parts liquid.
  • Recommended to use with a dosing pump, especially for SPS dominant reef aquariums.
  • If your doser has only 3 heads, combine BASE-KH1 and BASE-KH2.

Tips for Accurate Dosing:

  • Ensure tubing from canisters to dosing pump heads has the same length.
  • Calibrate dosing pump as per manufacturer’s recommendation, checking every 6 months.
  • Set doser to dose equal parts with 10-15 minute intervals between each.
  • Spread the daily dosage as many times as your dosing pump allows per day.

Dosage Instructions:

  • Dose equal parts to keep KH between 6.8-8dKH.
  • For the first 2 weeks, find the ideal KH level based on calcium consumption:
    • If calcium decreases, raise dosage and keep KH higher, check calcium again.
    • If calcium increases, lower dosage and keep KH lower, check calcium again.
  • Once the ideal KH level is found, frequent calcium testing is not needed.


  • No need for additional products for coral coloration, polyp extensions, or growth.
  • Store product in a dark or shaded place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Preferable to use original canisters to avoid light exposure.
  • Does not require refrigeration but store in a cool place if needed.


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